Trout Fisihing in the highlands of Costa Rica is tradition  At Truchero Cocolisos you can catch the rainbow trout yourself, or they will catch it for you. Gonzalo (owner & grandfather) will help you bait your hook, find the best spot for a catch and he'll also make a quick job of dispatching and cleaning your catch.  Amable (owner & grandmother) will cook your catch and serve up a full meal.


This is 100% family-run and it's likely that you will meet three generations of the Garrita family while you fish and eat.   Prepare yourself for the best full traditional Casado meal around, including a fruit drink, rice, veggies, for only about $7. (We like our trout cooked 'A LA PLANCHA" or pan fried. Deep fried is also available). 


Stroll the beautiful ponds and creekside orchid gardens while you await your fresh trout  lunch. Buen Provecho!

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Reception 2pm to 8pm


Phone (506) 2742-5037

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