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Quesos Canaan Artisan Cheese

A product of innovation and pure hard work, Quesos Canaan is a view into the art of cheese production rarely seen today. The handmade swiss style cheese produced here comes straight from the cows roaming in the field out back (each cow is known by her name). Traditional aged Swiss-style cheese is the classic choice, but several varieties such as Oregano and Herb, spicy pepper, or Parmesan are also popular.


Step right into the heart of production itself when you enter the store, and get taken on a tour of the cheese aging shelves, and the entire process, then have a chance to buy the very same cheeses.  Proprietors Wilberth and Katia Mata are leaders in the sustainablility movement in the local community.  Their cheeses are processed using methane biogas from the farm and they use and sell worm compost to organic farmers in the area.  

Quesos Canaan is a part of Mariposa's self-guided  'Cultural Walk".  Ask us for the map and recommendations for exploring the lovely village of San Gerardo de Rivas.

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