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How do I get Tickets to Climb Chirripo?

UPDATE!! All reservations for Chirripo National Park must now be made online.

Dear Travelers,
Chirripo National Park has announced that walk-in tickets are no longer available and that all tickets must be purchased online. Crestones Basecamp no longer allows cooking, but they offer meals or you can bring cold food. Crestones Basecamp now provides a sleeping bag and towel for you.

Space at the Chirripo National Park Base Camp Crestones is limited!

Tickets are now on sale into October 2019.  Keep checking the availability calendar for tickets to become available beyond mid-October.

Very Important!!  Hiking Chirripo requires careful planning. 

All hikers must register in person at the National Park Office in San Gerardo by 4:00 pm one day prior to their hike date. 

San Gerardo de Rivas is remote.  Travel in Costa Rica is slow and googlemap times are not accurate. It is not advisable to attempt check-in for your hike the same day you arrive in country.  Please see travel times/advisories here.  Please do email us to talk about your itinerary so that we can help you  succeed in 'jumping the hoops' and hiking the mountain. 


The happiest hikers leave some time before the big hike to visit the amazing nature reserves, waterfalls, brew pub, botanical, butterfly and bird observatory gardens, trout farm restaurant, bakery, cheese and organic chocolate artisans, home-made gelato & vegan ice cream.....maybe take a dip in a cold pristine river...maybe take a delicious nap in the's a link to some activities are a great way to warm up for the big Chirripo challenge.

Below are the Step-By-Step instructions for purchase of park permits. 

A permit to enter the Park on one day and leave the Park the following day will require 2 Park permits.  This type of  permit is linked to a bed at Crestones Basecamp. 

A "Diario" permit requires that you enter and leave the Park on the SAME day. It is not linked to a bed at Crestones Base Camp.

Payment for Crestones is separate. Once you've purchased your passes for Chirripo Park (entering and leaving on different days), Crestones (aka Consorcio de las Aguas Eternas) will send you a long email  which contains the link to pay for lodging.  You have limited time to complete the transaction (about 4 days) so don't delay. 

The following information guides you through the purchase of park entry permits.  Have all hiker names and passports on hand.

After you purchase your Park permit please  Go to bottom of page for Lodging instructions.

1. go to

2. Click on 'Online Booking' located in the upper right corner

3. Click on 'Check In'  (very small letters in the lower left corner) and set up your username and password and info.  Use dd/mm/yy format for dates

4. Log in

5. Click on "Buy" and then "online reservation" on the drop down menu. 

* Wildlife Area: choose "PARQUE NACIONAL CHIRRIPO"

* Entry Sector:  choose "SECTOR SAN GERARDO"

6. Click on the 'AVAILABILITY' calendar. This calendar is in Spanish

*"Fecha" indicates the day of entry into the park.

* 'Disponibilidad' indicates the number of beds available for that date at Basecamp Crestones.

* 'visita diario' is for a day pass only with no overnight option

Once you find an available date close the calendar and then enter your entry date (dd/mm/yy) in the first box. In the second box, put the date you depart from the park.

If you wish to spend the night at Base Camp Crestones your entry date must be different from your departure date.

"CERRADO" means that the tickets for those dates have not become available for sale yet.  It does NOT mean that the Park is closed. It's an unfortunate choice of words.

7. Admissions type:  ADULTA NO RESIDENTE (if you are not a resident of Costa Rica)

 COUNTRY: choose yours 

Quantity Days=2 "days" needed for a one night stay at Crestones. 

Quantity Days=3 "days" needed for a two night stay at Crestones.

8. Hit the  + sign in the 'quantity" field for the total of hikers. "Quantity" is the number of people hiking.

9.  Check the "Accept the terms" box and then the blue arrow to continue to the Payment page.

10. You have 8 minutes to complete the transaction.Enter your passport as your IDS number and click on the + sign after each entry. IDS is needed for each hiker.

11. Check your email for confirmation that the purchase completed.

Your permit to hike Chirripo corresponds to a bed at Crestones Basecamp.
Crestones (Aguas Eternas) will send you a long email which will contain information for you to pay your lodging online. This must be completed within a few days. If you don't receive the email or the payment link doesn't work, send your entry permit number to the email below. 


The contact number for (Crestones Lodging) is (506) 2742-5097 or (506) 2742-5200.

All reservations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

The Park requires each hiker to check in at the San Gerardo Park Office, at the entrance to the village of San Gerardo de Rivas, by 4pm one day prior to hiking.

The Crestones Basecamp lodging office requires each hiker to check in at the San Gerardo Office, at the soccer field of the village of San Gerardo de Rivas, by 5pm one day prior to hiking.

Please check in at the offices before hiking up the hill to Casa Mariposa

Contact Casa Mariposa about road conditions, updated bus schedules and travel times to ensure that you arrive in time for Park check-in.

See you on the Mountain!

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